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What are AF Points?
Bonus Points are exclusive items that Africanmall provides to registered customers.
How to get AF Points?

1:Register at AfricanMall

  50 AF points for new registered members.  Register Now

2:Post review

  20 AF points for each review you posted.  Post Now

3:Upload Photos to Style Gallery

  30 AF points for reviews with photos.

4:Referral friends

  100 AF points for first order of your friends.

5:Shopping at AfricanMall

  Equivalent amount of AF points to final order value(shipping fee and insurance excluded)   Shop now

6:Daily Check-in

  Up to 12 AF points daily. 

How to use AF points?

Use AF points to discount order price.

With AF points in your account,you can use them on the checkout page.

(1)Select the items you want to buy, and go CHECK OUT.

(2)Locate "AF Points" and enter the amount of points you want to use

  20 AF Points = $1

  AF Points can be redeemed up to 50 AF points of the final item value (Exc. shipping and insurance).


How do I Access My Bonus Points Balance?
If you want to check your Bonus Points balance, please log into your Africanmall account and view your balance on "Coupons Points".

Email Address: customer@africanmall.com

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