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The Best Selection Of Your Fashion,
a 24/7 Global Fashion


Bring the beauty to you

AfricanMall is a leading multichannel fashion retailer of
women’s apparel, accessories, and human virgin hair.
We have a relaxed approach to style. Never complicated,
always easy.The perfect balance of comfort and fashion,
designed for real life.


Go forth & be fabulous

We are a lifestyle brand created for both young fashion
omen and teens.
imply put, we are a brand that reflects who you are.
ur goal at AfricanMall is to make you feel sexy,
eminine and confident.

we don’t take fashion or life
too seriously.

Unice Hair

We hope we could provide the best for you hence we
obtained the authorization with UNice Hair and became
an exclusive authorized distributor.
UNice Hair is one of the top brand names in China,
was founded in Henan in 1999 which focus on high
quality 100% natural human hair products.

Focus On Queen’s Beauty

Email Address: customer@africanmall.com

Phone: (949)562-8516

International WhatsApp: +1(949) 562-8516

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